Quality, Affordable Healthcare Coverage for You and Your Employees… Made Easy

Our coverage is built for small businesses and offers great premiums along with non-insurance benefit options for part-time workers. Enrollment takes a matter of minutes and relieves you from hours of tedious paperwork.

Schedule a call at a time that’s convenient for you with one of our Trusted Advisors. They’ll answer any questions you may have and will be happy to walk you through to your quote. 

Get enrolled in as little as 10 minutes thanks to our direct carrier integrations and automated processing. If you have questions, our dedicated support staff are here to help.


Exclusively for members of the Home Builders Association of Greater Savannah.


Big Annual Savings

One small business owner cut what they were previously paying in half with substantial savings for family plans, and even greater savings for individuals. 

Previously PaidPaying now
$3,150 for families$1,605.80 for families
$1,160 for individuals$486.62 for individuals
Schedule a call today to see how much you save for you and your employees.

Save time. Add value.

Upload your census, enroll in minutes and easily manage your benefits and renewal.

Make sure your talent sticks around by offering what they need most… healthcare coverage.

Offer your employees and part-time workers valuable non-insurance products to improve their care. 


You answered all my questions and even took the time to do some research and call me back.
Tommy D

Associate Broker, Tommy Danos Real Estate

Excellent work on coverage analysis presentation…thank you for all your hard work on our behalf.
Mary K

Owner, Konter Quality Homes

After years of feeling limited in regards to healthcare options and customer service, we are extremely satisfied with John David and MyHealthily and look forward to a great working relationship for years to come.
Christy J.

Matthew Johns Construction

The plans recommended looks great! Thank you for all your help, I will share with my group and hope to enroll today.
Joy Cashion

Owner, Cashion Dental

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